Group SIPP

What is a Group SIPP?

A Group SIPP is a collection of individual pension plans. Under such a scheme, each member has their own pension scheme and therefore has access to the full features of our SIPP.

It is typical for the members of a Group SIPP to share some association, such as employment. Together the members of a scheme are able to access benefits that they could not on their own, including:

  • Increase purchasing power – by pooling their funds, members of Group SIPPs are often able to make investments which would otherwise be inaccessible to them, such as commercial property or a Discretionary Managed Fund
  • Economies of scale – the commonality often shared by individual pension schemes can make them very easy to administer. We like to pass cost savings onto members who make our lives easier.
  • Qualifying Pension Scheme – our Group SIPP is a qualifying workplace pension scheme as defined by The Pensions Regulator

Bespoke arrangements

Many factors are involved in structuring a Group SIPP arrangement, such as investment choice, tax relief mechanism and cost.

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