Meet the Carey Workplace Pension Team – Chris, Systems Penguin


At Carey Corporate Pensions Ltd., we liken our team members to penguins,why, because when it comes to understanding pensions rules and regulations we need  to be adept at navigating the icebergs and support safe passage through to ensure all our members trust that we will deliver them the journey that is safe and secure.

With auto-enrolment dates fast approaching for businesses all across the UK, it’s a brilliant time to start meeting some of the skilled and experienced “penguins” who help to make Carey Pensions the best in the industry.

Meet Chris, the Systems Penguin for Carey Corporate Pensions Ltd.


Lovely to chat with you, Chris. What do you do on a day to day basis in your role at Carey?


I wear many hats, but most of all I support the online application process, maintain all the systems in the office, and monitor all support logs. I help to keep communication lines clear and open between our valued clients and the team here in the office, and if something goes wrong I am working hard to ensure that the issue is solved as soon as possible.


What are your any hobbies when you are not hard at work at Carey?


I love to keep fit – that usually means kicking the odd football around!


Which is your favourite thing about Pensions?


I enjoy the feeling that comes from ensuring that our clients are financially secure at retirement. It is a rewarding experience to know that I have a hand in many individuals’ happy golden years.


What is your favourite thing about working at Carey?


It’s hard to narrow it down, but I can tell you that I love my team of colleagues and the teamwork. Working together, we all enjoy the fast-paced nature of the business.


Chris, what is a fun fact about you?


Well, I managed to scratch my eye whilst completing the MK marathon – all while I was just trying to wave at my dad in the crowd!  I’m also an avid waistcoat wearer – I am proud to own a minimum of 8, and I am particularly partial to tweed.


How long have you worked at Carey?


It will be 3 years in January of 2017.


In your opinion, what makes Carey so different to every other pensions company?


Well, I think that it is the level of customer service at Carey that truly sets us apart and is hands down the number one thing that makes us so different than the rest. We go above and beyond for our clients, building long lasting relationships and gaining word of mouth recommendations. As the Systems Penguin, this is truly a role that I can feel confident about performing.


What is your favourite thing about Penguins?


They are self reliant, inquisitive and resourceful – always catching their own food, even in the frigid temperatures!

Are you looking for a new pensions company to help you navigate all of the icebergs and potential problems in your way? Contact Carey Pensions – we are always happy to provide you with a no obligation consultation.