Our penguins are here to help...

The Carey Corporate Pensions team know that there are a lot of potential ‘icebergs’ out there that could scupper the smooth sailing of your ship, and so we like to refer to our expert auto-enrolment and workplace pension team as our  “penguins.” Our penguins are her to help you stay on course!


They are skilled and well equipped to  be able to navigate you through the “icebergs”  that may sabotage or get in your way, and so we think it is apt to name them as such!


We occasionally like to touch base with our expert penguins in order to keep our customers and readers in the loop about their experience, their passions and their hobbies. Most importantly, we like to tell you what makes them uniquely qualified to help you with all of your pensions questions and concerns!


This month we are speaking with Sharon, one of our team “Penguins” at Carey Corporate Pensions UK Ltd.


Lovely to speak with you today, Sharon. What is your role at Carey’s?


Thank you for having me! I am a Senior Pensions Administrator in the Corporate Pension Team.


What do you do on day to day basis at Carey’s?


I am responsible for  many different areas  in the Corporate Pension Team, but some of my daily tasks include:


•             Dealing with new workplace pension schemes that come in daily.

•             Setting up new schemes for clients, and clearly communicating with them to let them know that the schemes are ready for first contributions.

•             I take enquiries from potential clients and answer all of the questions that they have.

•             I help to navigate all queries with our clients’ payrolls.

•             I explain the requirements to new and existing clients and walk them through the process of setting up and collecting data.


Do you have any hobbies outside of Carey’s?


I do! I work out regularly at the gym and enjoy joining many of the local Charity walks. I am proud to be the club secretary at one of my son’s football club. As a very organised person, this is perfectly suited to my skills. I am also in charge of admin for my other son’s team. I try to follow all of their games and I’m a regular supporter at the MK City Football Club. Oh! I am a big MK Dons fan too!


Which is your favourite thing about your pensions role?


I have worked in pensions for 14 years now and I love knowing that I am helping to look after people who are ready for retirement as much as possible. I enjoy offering help and my expertise, and knowing that I can often help to stop clients panicking!


What is your favourite thing about working at Carey’s?

I love the people at Carey’s - everyone gets on really well and we help each other out. It is truly a great team environment in which to work!


Tell us a fun fact about you!


Well, there is a bit of an office legend that I sometimes go home with someone else’s shoes after a work party! I once left the party with two left shoes. In my defence, my colleague’s shoes were nearly identical to mine!


How long have you worked at Carey’s?


3 years in February and I have seen the way that the company has grown from 3 to 60+ people.


What is your favourite thing about Penguins?


The way that they walk!


What makes Carey’s different to every other pensions company?



We look after people and don’t just sell them a product. Our client care is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to be tops in aftersales support and our team of ‘penguins’ has a wide range of knowledge available. I think our customer service is the best in the biz!